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Signing-In, Commenting and Posting

\/ Scroll Down For Video \/

1) You need to be a member to comment or post.

    If you are not a member yet, click on the members icon on the top of this page and sign-up. 

2) Log-In - Click on the members icon above and log-in. 

    Note: Be sure to change from the "Sign-Up" page to the "Log-In" page.  Log-In 

3) Click on the post you would like to comment on. 

    Scroll down to "Comments" click in where it says "Write a comment" 

    Leave your comment and click "Publish"

    You may come back at any time and edit or delete your comment by clicking on the 3 dots. 




1) You need to be approved to create a post. 

    Scroll down to "Let me know what's on your mind" and let me know you would like to be a contributor. 

2) Log-In. 

3) Click on "Create a Post" at the top of your page. 


4) Add your Title.

    Note: Be sure there no spaces before the first letter in your title. 

5) Start writing your post. 

    Note: After you first begin typing the page will disappear for a second while it refreshes. 

    After this happens continue with post. 

6) I recommend adding a picture (image) to your post by clicking on "image" at the bottom. 

7) Click on the the 3 dots next to "Publish" and choose a category. Click "Save" then click "Publish"

8) You can come back at any time and edit or delete your post by clicking the 3 dots at the top of the post. 

Thank you for interacting with my mom through this blog! 

Check out the video below.

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