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Options To Participate

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1) Subscribe: 

Receive an email notice when there’s a post - 


Go to - scroll down to “Let The Posts Come To You” 

Enter your email and click subscribe


2) Become a Member: 

Members can comment on posts, and are a member of the “Book Club” - 


Follow the instructions above to “Subscribe” then, - 

Go to - Click on the members icon at the middle-top of the page 

This will take you to the Sign-up/Sign-In Form

Follow any instructions you may receive to verify. 

3) Become a Contributor/Writer

Contributors can comment on posts, are a member of the "Book Club"and can post 

their poems, short stories, photos, books etc.


Follow the instructions above to Subscribe. 

Follow the instructions above to become a Member. 

Scroll down to "Let Me Know What's On Your Mind" and let us know you would like

to be a Contributor/Writer and I will send further instructions.


Best Wishes,

Lew Gundy

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