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Childhood Treasures - Helping the Teacher

I liked going to school. Our farm was several miles from our closest neighbors, so school was not only for learning but also for playing with friends.

All eight grades were taught in our one-room school. As I sit down at my desk, I look around the room and see the wood-burning stove standing in the middle of the room with a coal scuttle and scoop next to it. On the wall above the blackboard are pictures of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

After teacher explains the lesson, she has us go to the blackboard to do math problems or spell words using white chalk. When it was cold and snowing outside, we had to spend recess and lunch period inside. We used the board to play Hangman and other games. Using erasers, teacher wipes the board clean of the chalk dust. The erasers need to be “cleaned” by knocking them against the wall of the building, usually outside during recess. Being selected to perform this simple task feeds my desire for recognition. I treasured it.

Wilma Gundy


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