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Christmas Decorations

Putting up Christmas decorations creates a festive mood in which to celebrate the holiday with friends and family. One of my favorite decorations is a display of nutcrackers that grace my china cabinet.

My collection started when I received a nutcracker as a white elephant at a Christmas party. Most white elephants are only for the laughs, but I really liked this one. However, it was taken from me by a man who was the very next one to choose.

I tried to hide my disappointment, but I have been told my feelings are as readable as a well lit book. So during the next week he brought it to my house. “Thank you!”

It is the largest and centers the arrangement. The next in size is the white one, a gift from neighbors for checking on their house while they traveled. All of the smaller ones are my purchases.

Each year the nutcrackers, symbolizing Christmas traditions and friendship, add to my holiday cheer.

Wilma Gundy

To be continued…

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