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Happy 95th Birthday Wilma!

Thank you everyone for taking the time out of our busy schedules to celebrate Wilma’s 95th Birthday!

As always she entertains us with wonderful stories and we all had a delightful time!!

Also thank you for contributing to the food and beverages, it was all so yummy!!

Stay well and hopefully we will all see each other soon!



Please scroll down to comments and wish Wilma a Happy Birthday!


What a lovely evening celebrating a remarkable woman! The food was fabulous and the company delightful. Thank you, Laura, for arranging the get together.

Thank you, Linda (aka Charcuterie Queen), for the link to the Mostarda - yummy!



Please scroll down to comments and wish Wilma a Happy Birthday!

Here are my 3 pictures. What a fun celebration we had for Wilma and thanks to all who provided the beautiful and delicious food. It was a privilege to honor you, Wilma, and you are a great example for all of us on ageing gracefully! We hope for many more fun times with you! Bonnie

What a fun evening! I enjoyed helping celebrate Wilma's 95th birthday. I hope that I am as sharp and positive as Wilma is when I am in my later years. Such an inspiration!

I didn't snap many pictures but wanted to share this one as it made me laugh when I took it.

Also, here's a link to the supplier of the Mostarda that I brought for those who might want to track some down.

Looking forward to our next meeting!



Please scroll down to comments and wish Wilma a Happy 95th Birthday!


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Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday celebration, Wilma! I'm sorry I had to miss it. I look forward to (finally) meeting you in the near future! I'm so honored to be a part of this book club. Love,

Brittany (Mary's granddaughter)


Wilma Gundy
Wilma Gundy
Oct 31, 2023

My 96th year is off to a great start due to such wonderful wishes from my wonderful friend. My heartfelt gratitude to each of yo.


Lew Gundy
Lew Gundy
Oct 26, 2023

Happy (OMG!) 95th Birthday Mom!!!

Love Ya! ❤️



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