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Ice Cream Celebrates the 4th

Dad loved to celebrate the 4th of July with firecrackers and ice cream!

After Mother made the ice cream with our farm’s fresh eggs, milk, and cream, it was poured into a gallon-sized metal container. This container was put into the wooden freezer and snow we had preserved in our cellar was packed all the way around it. Salt was added to melt the snow.

The latest issue of The Saturday Evening Post features an article on ice cream noting it is first mentioned in a recipe book in 1768. “George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison all delighted in serving it to their guests.”

Once the freezer was prepped, someone had to turn the crank so it would freeze

uniformly. Dad delighted in turning the crank as we kids impatiently kept asking when would it ever be ready?

Finally, the ice cream was ready and great huge servings were dished up for our ravenous enjoyment.

After dark, we lighted the firecracker, celebrating the birth of our nation and freedom!

Wilma Gundy


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