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My Fun-loving Dad

Dad loved kids and had a house full to love. My sister Eileen remembers when she was three, Dad would hold Sarah age one on his lap in the rocking chair, she would be on one side and Joyce age four would be on the other side. He would sing silly songs to them.

Here’s a picture of him holding my daughter, Terry, at age nine months in June, 1953.

Dad had a fun-loving sense of humor. Quick witted and fascinated with the double meaning of words, he excelled at making puns. Among the crops he tried to grow in rain starved Colorado were corn, pinto beans, and cane. Dad was sitting at a restaurant counter when a tourist recognized him as a local farmer and began chatting. “What,” he asked Dad, “do you raise?”

“Mostly kids,” Dad replied, “ although I have been known to raise a bit of Cain.”

Wilma Gundy

Photo: Lloyd Gundy

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