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My Other Christmas Doll

My husband, Lloyd, was always sensitive to my desires, concerns, and aspirations. Consequently, he was a “gifted” gift giver. Some of the most memorable and well chosen: a set of Waterford crystal wine glasses when we were in Ireland, and over the coming years, a Waterford clock and two flutes to toast in our New Year. While in Finland instructing mechanics, he bought nan exquisite set of glasses that he hand carried home.

When we celebrated our 25th anniversary in Tahiti in 1973, he chose a ring set with native choral stone. (I’ve matched my nail polish to this color ever since.) Sometimes he chose more mundane gifts - a wood block to hold my knives and a canister set.

No gift touched my heart as much as the one he gave me for Christmas after I told him the story about my broken childhood doll.

He gave me a “grown up” doll who still sits on my book shelf; reminding of his deep abiding love.

Wilma Gundy

To Be continued…

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