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My Valentine

Our reserve kept my husband, Lloyd, and me from being demonstrative in public; yet our love was visible to others.

In 1994 (we had been married 46 years), we left the Icarian conference picnic crowd to take a walk through the park to discuss our thoughts and observations.

After we filled our plates with the delectable picnic food, we sat at a table. Sherry joined us and said, “People are talking about you.”

“Oh,” I asked, “you mean about the Gundy’s?”

She answered, “No, about the tall, slim man and the women in green, or as some said, ‘You know, the couple that’s so much in love.’”

Wilma Gundy

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4 Yorum

I always feel that you and Lloyd have a wonderful relationship, full of love and understanding. You cherish and support each other always and still. I write in present tense because I feel that your bond and your love is undiminished by time and circumstance. It reminds me of John Donne’s sonnet on the subject.

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I agree. What is the Donne sonnet? I am not familiar with it.


Soulmates for sure! So lucky to have found each other!!

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I believe we were destined.


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