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Poetry enables us

to view life

through the aperture

of metaphor

With poetry

we sip from

golden goblets

of wine distilled

from Life’s experiences

Life is




through poetry.

Wilma Gundy

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1 Comment

Gail Reynolds
Gail Reynolds
Dec 10, 2023

I liked your poem on poetry. Poetry has certainly enriched my life. I have always loved the poetic language of the original king James Bible, and I still favor it over modern translations. Who can better capture the true nature of abstracts like justice, lOve, transformation, etc., better than that master wordsmith William Shakespeare in the sonnets and iambic pentameter poetry written into his drama scripts, amplifying the meaning of each word, each metaphor, as it resonated both with the persona of the actor and with each individual in his audience. Portia’s “the quality of mercy” speech about mercy or Ariel’s speech from The Tempest about transformation—“Those are pearls that were his eyes__________nothing of him is lost ————but changed to…


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