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Vacations are a rejuvenating change of pace, none more so than our trip to Acapulco during my spring break in 1987.

Our spacious room on the third floor had three sets of patio doors leading to a private balcony with views of the ocean, huts with shades, and sunbathers on the beach.

Next to the bar, also on the third floor, was a small suspended deck where we sat on the swing and rocked as we sipped margaritas and chatted.

I am a fan of Ernest Hemingway and his idealistic description of bull fights made me want to see one. Regrettably, I disliked the unbelievable cruelty intensely and never want to see another one!

We did enjoy watching the cliff divers. I admired their audacious bravery.

Wilma Gundy

Photos: Lloyd Gundy

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