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If I Were a Dog

Lew asked me to write a poem about dogs, so here’s effort #one.

If I were a dog

I would wonder WHY:

Does Master walk on two legs?

Four are so much safer.

Does he let my food

bowl get empty?

I know not to overeat.

Does he take me to be

tortured by a vet

When I’ve never been sick?

Does he pat me on the head

and say, “Nice Doggie.”

Is it to make me love him?

Does he not know I adore him?

I love him so much

it’s Worship!

Wilma Gundy

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1 Comment

Lew Gundy
Lew Gundy
Mar 20

Thanks Mom!

Scrappy said RUFF!!

Translated: you Really Understand Furry Friends!


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