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For our 25th anniversary in 1973, we decided to celebrate in Tahiti. We flew on a French airline from LA.. With nostalgia I remember the full meals passengers were served at that time, accompanied by real silverware. I kept the silverware along with a set of demi-tasse cups and saucers as souvenirs.

As a movie crew was filming a remake of the movie Bounty, Lloyd thrilled at the opportunity to photograph a recreated Bounty. The book, Bounty, was one of his childhood favorites.

I found sitting on the beach and watching the eternal crashing of the ocean waves to be hypnotically relaxing. Here is my reflection of that experience:

A Picture in Paradise

The sssh-sh of the waves,

Receding, returning, receding,

Returning in endless harmony.

The sun balms my face,

A slight breeze caresses

My bare arms and legs.

Palms dance, swaying softly

To the music of the sea.

The salt spray tickles my toes

And teases my nose.

I relax in the security

Of Nature’s consistency

Yet ceaseless changeability.

My husband concentrates.

On the camera,

Focusing on the pleasing composition

Of sea and clouds and trees

And me on this isolated beach.

Tahiti, a well named Paradise.

Wilma Gundy

Photo-Lloyd Gundy

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