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October is an actress

who plays three roles

Young maiden wearing robes

of russet, scarlet and umber,

Adorning herself with golden leaf,

purple amethysts and red garnets,

Rushing to meet her lover

on snow-capped mountain

to dance to the music of the wind.

Homemaker harvesting Fall’s abundance

of plump pumpkin, sleek eggplant, and golden pear,

Serving hot tea and cinnamony apple crisp

to guests who linger in October’s sunshine glow.

Old crone in witch’s hat

stirring trick-or-treat brew.

With pointed nose and pinched lips

greeting little goblins at her door.

October, stay, repeat the roles

We are not ready for drab November

who waits at stage left.

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1 Comment

A beautiful poem, Wilma! I have commented on the same at Write Out Loud Blog. I love the mood, vocabulary and imagery of your poem. It's a pleasure to read your work and I am going to read the rest of the wonderful poems here.

Thank you for the invite.😊


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