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Winter is a contented homebody, who.

Snuggles under thick quilts

Awakes to sun - sparkled opalescent drifts

Crunches snow underfoot as she

gathers the morning paper.

Reads Jane Eyre by a blazing fire

Opens greetings of blessings and cheer

Responds with notes of warmth and joy.

Sips hot chocolate with marshmallow topping

Trims the tree with Memory’s ornaments

Wraps gifts to surprise family and friends.

Winter - - the season of Giving

the season of Contentment.

Wilma Gundy

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2 commentaires

Nice poem! I'm gonna make a hot chocolate to enjoy ...

Wilma Gundy
Wilma Gundy
13 déc. 2023
En réponse à

That’s one advantage of winter.


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